A New Year!

Hello again Blogosphere!

The last few months have found us moving, getting new jobs, pets, and all around life changes – hence the lapse in posts! We also found it difficult to keep up with our workout routine among all the hustle and bustle. So here’s to a new year, and a renewed determination to live a healthy lifestyle :)



Lazy, but proud.

This week it has been hard for me. Waking up in the mornings, that last thing my body wants to do is go work out. So that is why I have not worked out for this whole week.  In my mind I love working out. Recently I have found some equipment to work out on that has some t.v.’s in front of it. It helps time go by somewhat fast.

I have this week felt and seen a difference. I can so officially I have lost 8lbs, but I like to think I have gained muscle. My arms and legs feel great and I job around now while I do errands. Such as getting the mail and taking out the trash. My heart loves it and I can see a lot of improvement from where I once was a couple weeks ago.

So in a nut shell this week has been very lazy but also very rewarding to see the changes in my body.

Lifting, running, and swimming O MY!

I have been into lifting heavy objects for a while but took a four year break during college (bad idea). I lost all my grunting skills and my muscles turned into mush. But I can say after 2 weeks of cardio and lifting training I am starting to feel and see the difference. I almost feel like a Jedi. I am doing many different exercises on a per week basis its very exciting. My mind thinks its awesome that I can now jog for 20 minutes and not pass out. I feel energized and my heart does not feel like its going to fail. I am at the two week hump but I still feel refreshed and energized. The idea of “no pain no gain” is very true I must say. I feel better when I push myself.

First berry of the season!


We have been working on our herb garden for about 5 months now. It has been a little touch and go, but right now it is going quite nicely. Herbs are a great way to add flavor to your cooking, and they lack the sodium, sugar, and fat that store bought alternatives offer. ( Canned sauces, breadcrumbs etc.)

I’ll take a rosemary sage roasted chicken over bbq’d any day.

This month, I decided to undertake a new gardening challenge and plant a blackberry bush. The berries are starting to ripen :) now all that’s left to do is get to them before the raccoons do!

I ate a lot, but regret nothing.

I would say that two of the most important things that I read about weight loss was this.

1. Never loath yourself.

2. Change your lifestyle, not your diet.

Those two things might be debatable, but I like them, checks and balances and that sort of thing. I graduated from college this weekend. Went out more this week then I have the whole semester and had tons of fun doing it. I take responsibility for my actions. Every peice of food that I ate I knew I would have to work off. This was not really a problem. I go to the gym five times a week. Its going to come off weather I like it or not.  No did I order fried twinkies everytime I went out? Nope. I ordered fish, salads, and egg breakfasts.

If you want to change your life and how your feel about your body, change your state of mind. See the light at the end of the tunnel. Know that you can get there if you try hard enough and with time, you can reach your goals. Take responsibility for the actions you do and learn from them.

Technology and Me.

I just bought a new phone with the Android system on it. Mostly because it was a graduation present to myself and for getting hired at the place I wanted to work. Anyways, the apps are amazing, not just the fun ones, but the weightlifting calculators, the calorie calculators, the couch to 5k calculator and the TI-34 silver calculator. I feel that having my wife exercise with me is motivation enough to keep waking up early in the morning but having these applications to track my progress is amazing.

I also learned on Reddit today that there is a weight loss “facebook” like website that tracks your progress and lets you create friends that are trying to do the same thing you are. I signed up and already have a few friends. Its amazing.

As a bean counter accountant, Apps that create charts and graphs are always welcome. I feel that this new path I am taking in my life is going to save it one day.

Thanks technology!

The pain of the gain is stuck in my brain.

We have been both to the YMCA for the past two mornings.

I would like to say that walking in the front doors was a very memorable moment in my life. It was a moment I will never forget. I was thinking to myself of how many times in the future I would pass through these doors and always thank myself for walking through them the first time. So in a way my future self was thanking my present self the very first day and that gave me a large shot of adrenalin and ego to get started in the weight room. Which is why I believe I am in more pain than I should be. I think I did it a little too hardcore. I worked primarily on my arms the first day, then biked a mile.  I felt so good knowing that I was no longer the part of America that sits on the couch. I was taking my life into my own hands. Little by little.

The second morning I was feeling very sore. But drinking a lot of liquids was helping the pain. I worked on my legs and butt (o yeeaaa). I then biked another mile and went for a free swim with Sali.  It was nice keeping my weightlifting short and to the point but keeping up my cardio the whole time.

ps- Hook me up with a song title or artist and I will listen to them during my workout this week and tell you how it goes.